The New Suzuki Ignis Introducing the Suzuki Ignis

The 2020 Suzuki Ignis Hybrid

All you adventurous spirits out there, meet the Ignis, a unique car with one of a kind design. Your new compact companion, small but perfectly formed, comes in 11 colour options with stylish touches in every detail. Put a whole new slant on excitement, drive away in an instant icon.

The Ignis has classic, sleek and bold Suzuki looks, it’s a style statement like no other. It is a brand new kind of car, mixing size and style to brilliant effect.

Compact and extremely lightweight body make Ignis agile and easy to drive.

The Daily Mail

" A couple of things that i really love about the Ignis: First its styling, which is influenced by the late 1970s SC100 "Whizz kid"; a Corgi toy - sized coupe that was great fun to drive. The second thing to admire about the Ignis is its weight. At launch the simplest version of the car, with two-wheel drive, weighed just over 800kg. That's remarkably light to put that into context, it was more than 100kg lighter than a Lotus Elise. To get a modern car down to that weight and still make it safe and able to pass crash tests takes a lot of engineering integrity and willpower"


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