The New Suzuki Across Plug-in Hybrid Introducing the Suzuki Across Plug-in Hybrid

Suzuki Across Plug-in Hybrid

With its beautiful SUV design, incredibly impressive fuel efficiency and sporty performance, the ACROSS boasts one of the longest electric-only driving ranges of any plug-in hybrid, having the ability to drive up to 46 miles on zero emission electric power.


The new ACROSS has a powerful 2.5L Petrol engine producing 180 bhp & a top speed of 111 mph when combined with the accompanying electric motors you get a quick response throttle, smooth acceleration and uncompromising driving performance.

The new ACROSS produces Co2 Emissions of just 22g/km on the WLTP weighted combined test. You can be sure that as well as saving your own money you will be doing your bit to help the environmen!

4 x 4 As Standard ​

The Suzuki ACROSS is a confident and capable SUV, genuine 4x4 performance and it is always prepared for whatever adventure you throw at it.

Confident handling and increased control on the road come second nature to the electronic E-Four system, you will be able to tackle any terrain thrown your way!

Trail Mode applies additional grip and helps control slippery road surfaces like ice and rain, the system kicks in to redirect torque from the wheels losing grip, to the ones that aren’t. Trail Mode helps you feel confident and keeps you moving even in harsh conditions.​

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