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New Suzuki

Reliability and dependability are top of the list of reasons that most customers buy a brand new Suzuki. As you might expect, there is a range of sizes and styles available, with the Suzuki Ignis being the smallest.


Looking for great fuel efficiency and a cleaner way to travel? Our new petrol electric hybrid advanced driving system helps to reduce CO2 emissions and improve fuel economy. Suzuki hybrid systems are light and compact, and when combined with a lightweight chassis and responsive efficient petrol engine, this means you can expect nimble performance as well as improved efficiency.

How does the Suzuki Hybrid work?

It’s simple really. Our HYBRID system uses an electric motor called an integrated starter generator (ISG) that works alongside your car’s petrol engine to help improve its efficiency. The ISG is powered by an extra battery that is charged as the car decelerates and brakes.

The extra battery has several other benefits. It helps power all the additional electrical systems like safety features, air conditioning, Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity to name a few. And that’s not including all the electrical components that help the car to move. So, having an extra battery helps power your car and relieves some of the load on the standard 12-volt battery.

What this means for you...

The big plus of the Suzuki HYBRID system is that it can lead to a significant improvement in your car’s efficiency, as much as a 15% boost to fuel economy and a 25% reduction of CO2 emissions, based on the official WLTP combined fuel consumption figures, compared to previous non-hybrid Suzuki petrol models.

Our full range is now available as Hybrid

Probably best-known for its SUV offering, the Suzuki Vitara is bold in stature, design and capability. It was designed for adventure and will face it with gusto. Giving you total control, adapting to any condition, matching powerful performance with rugged design, the Vitara won small crossover car of the year and deservedly so. The ALLGRIP 4-wheel Drive system is literally ready for anything, making the Suzuki Vitara truly thrilling.

Top to bottom, inside and out, you need to both see it and drive it. So why not book a test drive at Leslies Suzuki in Arreton? You can contact us by calling our dealership on the Isle of Wight or using our live chat service. Our team of experts is waiting to take your enquiry so get in touch today.

Worried about visiting our showroom?

We've got everything in place for you to buy your next Suzuki without leaving the comfort of your own home. Our sales people can give you a personalised virtual tour of your next Suzuki, or they can even bring it to you for a home test-drive.​

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