Leslies Toyota 'How To' Videos

We've put together a series of 'How To' video's for our social media. You can watch them below as and when you need to. We will cover:

  1. How to use the Intelligent Park Assist in your Toyota
  2. How to connect your phone via Bluetooth
  3. How to use the SatNav in your Toyota
  4. Explaining the difference between Self Charging Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid, Full Electric
  5. Explaining warranty length on a hybrid battery.
  6. Charging electric vehicles with wall boxes, public charger, and normal wall sockets.
  7. Explaining the 10-year warranty with Toyota Relax
  8. How to use the Intelligent Cruise Control in your Toyota

This series of video's will be done over time, so if you don't see the video you need here, check again in a few days.

How to use the Intelligent Park Assist​


How to connect a phone via Bluetooth & use the SatNav in the bZ4X