The New Honda CR-V
The New Honda CR-V Introducing the Honda CR-V Starting From £32,565.00

Honda CR-V

The CR-V is beautiful for a reason. Striking, stylish and just the right size.

The new CR-V turns heads with a confident, bold design that’s bound to get noticed. Deep, sculpted body lines give the car a dynamic look, while expansive window areas create a spacious feel within the cabin. It all combines to create a functional, efficient and desirable car.

This refreshed design isn’t just cosmetic, though. The new CR-V is more aerodynamic than the previous model, saving you money by keeping it on the road longer between fuel stops

"Feel in control"

Having everything available at your fingertips makes driving safer and more enjoyable. With the new CR-V we've grouped the entertainment and driving controls separately around the steering wheel. You'll use them to interact with i-MID, our in-dash screen that displays useful driving information. With i-MID you can view your audio selection, keep tabs on fuel usage or view on-screen turn-by-turn directions with the optional Sat Nav.*

Parking is also a breeze. The passenger wing mirrors tilt slightly* when you go into reverse, providing you with a better view of the kerb. And our clever rear view camera* gives you eyes in the back of your head for even safer parking.

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