Why Buy A Hybrid Car?

Thinking about buying a hybrid but still not sure? We’ve put together eight reasons why you should own an electric-powered car. Plug-in and enjoy!

1. Reduced Fuel Costs

Hybrid and electric cars use much less petrol, cutting your overall running costs. 

2. Fewer Emissions (and Lower Road Tax)

The slow slip rates of hybrid and electric cards reduce the number of greenhouse gases they produce. This is particularly useful in urban areas where gridlocked traffic can create smog as a result of the build-up of atmospheric pollutants. Lower emissions also mean lower road tax (vehicle excise duty) and exemption from the London Congestion Charge.

3. Instant Torque

Electric motors deliver their maximum torque rating instantaneously. This means no waiting time for the motor to spool, a characteristic that allows the hybrid car to match the performance of normal cars.

4. No Idling

No more burning fuel to sit still in traffic with the engine idling. Hybrid and electric cars automatically switch off the engine when you are sitting in traffic or at a red light. They use the power from the battery to keep your radio and air conditioning on.

toyota camry

5. Tax Incentives

It’s true that the expensive technologies in hybrid cars mean they do cost more to buy than a normal car. But this extra cost is mitigated by government tax incentives to encourage people to buy more environmentally friendly cars.

6. Develop Better Driving Habits

Most hybrid and electric cars come with at least a basic ‘driving tutor’ system, which helps you to drive in a more fuel economical way. It shows you how to avoid things like high revs and encourages gradual breaking. This system helps you to adopt good driving habits.

7. Choice of Car Brands

The increasing popularity of electric-powered vehicles means there is now a wide range of brands that offer electric and hybrid cars. This means everyone can find something to suit their taste and budget.

8. High Resale Value

These cars are highly technical and a modern phenomenon, so it comes as no surprise then that if you want to sell on your hybrid car after a few years, the depreciation is less than a petrol or diesel car.