Leslies Motors charge for a Smart Island

By Richard Winter​

The inaugeral Smart Island: Live event is on Thursday 11th April, and Leslies Motors are showing how electric vehicles are more affordable than you think.

The first ever event of its type will be held at the Centre of Excellence for Composites, Advanced Manufacturing, and Marine - CECAMM, East Cowes.

The day will be hosted by a diverse range of influencers and innovators; demonstrating technologies of the future and how they are being applied today. The events aim is to showcase a diverse range of sustainable technology, that will affect every aspect of our daily routines. Smart Island: Live founder Vince Ward explained; “Guests can witness the latest in renewable technology. From cookery demonstrations with local produce and electric bikes, to high tech building techniques and sustainable waste management”.

Leslies Motor’s will be demonstrating a number of its models, to show off the three most popular examples of electric vehicles; All-electric, Plug-in Hybrid, and Self-charging Hybrid. Graham Vanassche, Director of Leslies Motors, said; “electric vehicles are very much a buzz word at the moment, and as a business we want to support this event. We want to be a part of educating the community and showing how easy a transition it can be from traditional fuels to a sustainable future. Smart Island: Live is going to be a fantastic event”.


The most common option for sustainable-fuel drivers, is Self-charging Hybrid; Leslies Hyundai are showing off the Hyundai Ioniq hatchback, while Leslies Honda demonstrate the Honda CRV Four-Wheel-Drive. The Ioniq was first car in the world to be available in all three forms of electric power, while the CRV brings electric power to the world’s most popular SUV.

Toyota have been the driving force behind hybrid technology for over two decades. Leslies Toyota will be showcasing the most economical hybrid available on the UK’s roads; the Toyota Prius Plug-In. This is the iconic Toyota hybrid in its most frugal form. Powered by a traditional petrol engine paired in harmony with an electric motor, combined with its cleverly engineered low drag co-efficient body, to achieve 283mpg.

The highlight will arguably be the award-winning Kia e-Niro. The companies first all-electric vehicle, and the first ever all-electric car to win the coveted WhatCar? ‘Best Overall Car” of the year. The e-Niro has the power of a popular hot hatchback without using a drop of traditional fuels – The perfect example of tomorrow’s technology.

Leslies Motors Business Specialist, Richard Winter; “Local businesses are big influencers in a community, and when we pull together with one aim [environmental impact], it can make a significant impact. The models we’re bringing on the day are affordable for most new car buyers. They show Leslies Motors’ determination to influence greener decisions made by Island drivers to help remove potentially tons of CO2 from the Island’s roads”.

Founder Vince Ward says; “We want to create a better Island to live and work on, and by launching ‘Smart Island: Live’ we’re creating a platform where businesses can get together, network, learn and come together to improve our community”

The day begins at 7:30am as an exclusively business-to-business event, but opens it’s doors to the public from 10:30am – 3pm. With expert guest speaks all day; including Rob Drake-Knight from Rapanui / TeeMill discussing renewable fashion, and John Irvine of WightFibre explaining the future of the ultra-fast “Gigabit Island”.

Smart Island: Live on 11th April at CECAMM (PO32 6FY). To find more information visit:

Smart Island: Live website

Smart Island: Live Facebook

Smart Island: Live Twitter

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