• Kia-exclusive public charging solution reaches important milestone, with 30,324 EV connectors now accessible in the UK
  • Number of EV charging points accessible through Kia Charge grows 48 per cent in 12 months
  • Service now provides access to more than 3,500 DC fast chargers, including more than 900 +100kW connectors

Kia Charge – an exclusive service for Kia customers that aims to simplify EV charging – now offers seamless access to more than 30,000 connectors in the UK, all from one single account.

The total number of connectors available through Kia Charge has grown 48 per cent to 30,324 charge connectors in the last 12 months and by 118 per cent since Kia Charge first launched in February 2021 with 13,900 charge connectors. Kia compensates all charging activity via Kia Charge with 100 per cent renewable wind power.

Of the connectors available to Kia Charge users, more than 10 per cent or 3,500, are rapid DC chargers (50-350kW). +100kW chargers account for more than 900 of these, making long distance travel ever quicker. This reflects both the strong growth in electric charging infrastructure and Kia’s success at adding new operators to Kia Charge. The growth in the 27 different charging networks available through Kia Charge gives Kia owners access to more DC connectors in the UK than any other brand.

One of the key high-power charging operators, IONITY, has increased its connector numbers to 99 (up 32 per cent) across 19 UK locations, with seven more locations under construction. Existing sites are also being upgraded to offer significantly more stations.

Kia Charge offers access to 27 EV charging networks through a single account, with a simple single monthly invoice for all public charging.

Customers of Leslies Kia are able to find out more, register for a Kia Charge account and view a charge point location map here:

In total, Kia Charge opens access to more than 30,000 connectors across the UK – equivalent to approximately 85 per cent of the national public infrastructure – and more than 450,000 across 27 other European countries.

Free charging credit via Kia and ‘&Charge’ partnership

Kia recently launched a new initiative, enabling users to collect credit for free EV charging through a partnership with the ‘&Charge’ rewards programme. ‘&Charge’, accessed via an app, allows users to collect EV charging credits that can be redeemed via the Kia Charge app to pay for public charging sessions. Customers can earn credits by providing information and feedback on public charging stations or by shopping at hundreds of UK retailers. Find out more:

Kia EVs and DC fast-charging

Available to order from Leslies Kia, the Kia EV6 is one of few electric vehicles on sale today featuring a powerful 800V charging system, which enables drivers to charge their car from 10-to-80 per cent in just 18 minutes from chargers delivering 250kW or above (e.g. IONITY, Fastned). The all-new Niro EV can recharge from 10-to-80 per cent in just 43 minutes from stations offering 75kW or more.

To find out more about Kia electric cars, contact Leslies Kia on (01983) 293333, email us at or send us an online enquiry.