hyundai kona electric
The New Hyundai Kona Electric Introducing the Hyundai Kona Electric
Hyundai Kona Electric

Hyundai Kona Electric

A future you don’t have to wait for

It’s here. Now. Sleeker and more sophisticated, the new KONA Electric features an updated design, the very latest smart tech – and up to 300 miles range on a single charge. And thanks to shortened delivery times in Europe – going electric in style has never been easier.


Remarkably Individual

The KONA Electric’s remarkable design continues throughout the spacious cabin. Complemented by a choice of high quality materials and advanced technology, the premium interior delivers an exceptionally comfortable and refined ride for all passengers.


The Electric Driving Technology

Behind the excellent drive of this KONA Electric is carefully matched components of the electric powertrain engineered to create perfection with a practical driving range.The KONA Electric’s completely new platform was designed with an electric powertrain in mind.

This enables the space-saving integration of the battery packs without compromising passenger or cargo room.

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